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Are you changing your regimen?

Do you have a new regimen or has your regimen been adjusted? As our hair changes and as we continue on our natural hair journey, we add new items , change routines, discover the good and what we don’t care for about our hair. And we deal with them by changing what is necessary for […]

Waist Training…taking it in

It seems that there might be a new trend coming back – waist training. It cinches the waistline using your choice of wired corsets or latex waist cinchers. It’s nothing quick and you must have patience;  it’s a gradual process. It has it’s benefits; usually within 3-4 months (patience, patience) your waist starts to recede. But , […]

Sew-In Summer Style!!

Hey ladies! This summer I am going to try my first sew-in! I am so excited and can’t wait! Of course I have been researching what kind of sew-in I want. I’ve seen so many styles that I liked but I narrowed it down to four kinds of hair; (in order above) ONYC hair, Heatfree Hair, Private Stock […]

Hairfinity Check in Week 2!

Hi ladies! I am doing my first check in for my Hairfinity 2 month challenge! I will be checking in every other week or so. I’m really bad with check-ins but with this I really want to stay true to it! I would like to know if anyone is has or is having any side effects […]


Hairfinity 2 month Challenge! !

Hi ladies! I have officially decided to start my own 2 month Hairfinity Challenge!  I’ve bought a 2 month supply of the Hairfinity Vitamins at and i cannot wait to start! My vitamins have arrived and the challenge starts today! However, if anyone wants to join me please feel free! Post your pics and […]

Does weave make your hair grow?

Does weave make your hair grow?

The answer is….NO. Weave aids in hair growth but putting weave ,(a sew-in, braids, twists, etc.), is purely for protection of your hair. Now of course when you put in those super cute braids, faux locs, sew-in or whatever style, if you don’t take care of your hair meanwhile then you risk damaging your hair. […]

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