Sew-In Summer Style!!

Hey ladies! This summer I am going to try my first sew-in! I am so excited and can’t wait! Of course I have been researching what kind of sew-in I want. I’ve seen so many styles that I liked but I narrowed it down to four kinds of hair; (in order above) ONYC hair, Heatfree Hair, Private Stock hair and the Aliexpress hair. In my book, they are all expensive, especially since I’ve never had anything sewn in before. Sure, braids or twists are as well, but ordering hair plus getting it sewn in is a lot for me. But I truly think it will be worth my while. I will be able to have a protective style for at least a 3-4 months depending on how well I take care of my hair! Whenever I get it, I don’t plan on using the most expensive products or my good products on the hair. I’ll use the basic conditioners and see how they work. But I will follow directions. For some of the hair, I’ve been seeing in videos that they hair has to co-washed and conditioned everyday. This hair will last me and hopefully I will be able to use it over again! I just need to make a decision.  Has anyone had any of these weaves in their hair? I would love to hear your feedback! What length did you get? How long did it last? Did it mat up? How did you take care of it? What were the best styles for that particular hair? Would you have chosen a different hair over the one you bought? Are you able to reuse it? Anything you have to say please let me know! I’d appreciate it ladies! Thanks ladies! I’ll be posting pics later of the hair I choose (I’ll be getting it in a few months) 🙂

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