Waist Training…taking it in

It seems that there might be a new trend coming back – waist training. It cinches the waistline using your choice of wired corsets or latex waist cinchers. It’s nothing quick and you must have patience;  it’s a gradual process. It has it’s benefits; usually within 3-4 months (patience, patience) your waist starts to recede. But , no doubt, the corset has to be kept on consistently and depending on how well you train you can see permanent results. Some  wear it to sleep and others even exercise in it. However, it is not meant to be worn for 24 hrs.Your body does need a break. Too much of anything, no matter what, is dangerous.

So, why do some consider waist training as something that is not dangerous? It depends on the person. Some use it for health reasons like mild cases of scoliosis or just for better posture. Good quality corsets range from  $150 to $250 and have steel boning. Plastic boning can buckle and don’t give the best support. Some use it merely for outside appearances. Which no doubt can give them what they want. But how well does waist training stand up to  healthy eating and exercise? Is it better to suck it in over time or keep it healthy even if your waist does not go as far as you want it? Any thoughts on waist training? Has anyone tried it? What was your experience?

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