Are you changing your regimen?

Do you have a new regimen or has your regimen been adjusted? As our hair changes and as we continue on our natural hair journey, we add new items , change routines, discover the good and what we don’t care for about our hair. And we deal with them by changing what is necessary for the better.

For myself, personally I started off watching multiple YouTube videos and trying products and natural remedies recommended by people who used them. Some of them worked for  me but those recommendations were from the personal experience and what worked for them and a little research. But as I did my own homework and researched what worked for my hair I filtered out a lot of “junk”. Now my basics in my old regimen are still there (washing , conditioning, deep conditioning) but the rest of my regimen has been tweaked since I began my journey. I know my regimen won’t be standing still for long and it won’t be consistently be changing but I know I have some time before it’s truly set.

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