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NYC Haul from Target with 2 nude lipliners


Lipstick haul from Target!! I usually buy Covergirl lipstick to satisfy my itch for a new lip color. But I decided to take a chance on the NYC brand and I absolutely LOVE these colors that they have at the moment. They were even reasonably priced! Only downside is the tops don’t stay on well, but […]

"I'm Light-skinned so I can wear pink lipstick".

“I’m Light-skinned so I can wear pink lipstick”.

So when I first heard this statement, my first reaction was “Really Girl? You just said that?”. I was at work and a young co-worker made this statement while trying to prove what colors looked best on her. She was actually trying to defend the ‘ ‘Good hair is not natural hair’ ‘  stereotype but […]

Found this photo for you on Tumblr

Found this photo for you on Tumblr

Koiled Up With Jealousy?

Koiled Up With Jealousy?

You’ve done the big chop. You’ve transitioned. You’re a veteran natural. Or you’re just on your natural-haired journey. The question is whatever stage you might be in ‘Are you jealous?’. You’ve been researching , looking for new styles for your TWA, possibly become a DIYer, developed a hair regimen and even watch YouTube videos for tutorials. […]

Product Review-Terressentials Organic Mud Wash

Product Review-Terressentials Organic Mud Wash

A while back there was (and still may be) a rave about this particular brand of “shampoo” for natural hair. I came across it via information from the one and only Whitney of YouTube’s  @Naptural85 and gave it a try myself. It is supposed to be organic clay mixed with minerals and botanical extracts, as it says […]

Two medium buns

Buns-The Perfect Protective Style

Hey ladies! If you didn’t know already I’m a die-hard fan of buns. I wear them because they are cute, fun awesome, easy and most of all a great protective style for my natural hair! There are so many things that you can do with your hair, but if you are trying to stay on […]

4 Week Hairfinity Check-in!!📅

4 Week Hairfinity Check-in!!📅

I know I’m pretty late on posting recent results ladies! So sorry! I got really busy lately and I actually slacked off:|:|!  But I have noticed some great results nevertheless! My hair has thickened up -just a little (and coming from a person who has fine hair I am elated!). I have seen some new […]

How to find your hairstylist!!

Hi ladies! I’ve recently been on the lookout for a new hairstylist and I know that if I’m looking for one I cannot be the only one.  I have finally decided to let someone else do my hair! But who do I go to is my question! Here are some major tips on how to […]


While scrolling through my Instagram page, I recently came upon a post called ‘Natural Hair for White Girls’. It grabbed my attenton and I actually thought it was quite funny. that was before I read the article. The article is posted on an internet website called Thought Catalog. It is an internet magazine run by The Thought & […]

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