While scrolling through my Instagram page, I recently came upon a post called ‘Natural Hair for White Girls’. It grabbed my attenton and I actually thought it was quite funny. that was before I read the article. The article is posted on an internet website called Thought Catalog. It is an internet magazine run by The Thought & Expression Co. The founder is a man named Chris Lavergne. They allow writers to express freedom of speech( of course) even if it is offensive and they try not to filter what is written by the writers. And thy discourage “hiding behind annonymity”. Here is the link for the article. It’s quite an interesting read.    http://thoughtcatalog.com/nicole-mullen/2014/04/natural-hair-for-white-girls/

So, after reading this post by Nicole Mullen published on April 30, 2013, I  showed it to a few people. Some thought it was ridiculous, some thought it was funny. For me, this article was another realization of how not just people of our own race can be ignorant of their own history and how it has affected and still affects and will continue to affect everyone, even as society continues to evolve. I say this because 1) the white race has been made to be the “ideal” race in society; the lighter the better, straight hair, stay out of the sun, thinner lips, narrow noses, etc. 2) with that being said, those are the  examples that have been pushed on other races (not just Black people either) as  “fitting” or “classic”. And if you are not those, then you should make it your goal to become like that classic or fitting example that is so “right”. 3) all of this has been engrained in the black race for centuries. With no doubt.  It’s just a mindset. Some people have it and some do not. But at some point we have all been affected by it and have seen it. It is a mindset. 4) because white people have not had experiences like the Black race has had they (at least not the typical friend) cannot see or fully understand why we act toward each other as a race or do certain things. An example of this is: “A great civilzation is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within”.  

So, basically for this woman to state :

“While being white does have certain advantages in our society, it also has a lot of downfalls. Chief among them being the fact that the natural hair movement callously excludes us. We can’t simply refuse to shampoo and condition and get that look in the way that women of color can. This is the face and scalp of black privilege, and if we want a more cohesive society, we need to peel that black scalp back and take a look at the systems that oppress us. We need to acknowledge the fact that natural hair is a slap in the face to white women”

she sounds extremely ignorant. I can only laugh myself. Because our natural hair is exactly that-NATURAL. And it comes naturally to us. It is what it is. How is it a privilege? It’s how she (and others choose to view it). I love my natural hair. And so do many others. White people have had I don’t know how many “privileges” that it is not funny. In fact it is ridiculous and wrong. If you don’t like what someone else has and are hiding behind jealousy, ignorance, stupidity and pettiness – that’s on you. I will say this, she can go right ahead and try to replicate our natural beauty- it won’t turn out right and she won’t get the true results she wants. But she will experience what a lot of us went through when we tried to get what she has. And then we realized our own natural beauty is a HELLUVA lot better than what her head of hair will ever have to offer!!!

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