Product Review-Terressentials Organic Mud Wash

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A while back there was (and still may be) a rave about this particular brand of “shampoo” for natural hair. I came across it via information from the one and only Whitney of YouTube’s  @Naptural85 and gave it a try myself. It is supposed to be organic clay mixed with minerals and botanical extracts, as it says on the front, and cleanses the hair. I bought two versions; one in Lavender and the other in Left Coast Lemon. I loved it because there were not suds, there were no chemicals, my head felt clean without feeling parched and having the traditional “squeaky clean” feeling. My hair actually felt detangled! Even though I detangled before applying the mud wash, my curls fell loosely into place and were very manageable after washing. Excellent! I loved it. There was one downside; the price. But since I decided to go out and try other washes and conditioners Terressentials actually pans out compared to some of the prices I am being charged for other things. I personally think it’s worth it. Use it to clarify or just wash and it works great either way!!! You’ll love it. Go to: http:// to order.

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