“I’m Light-skinned so I can wear pink lipstick”.

So when I first heard this statement, my first reaction was “Really Girl? You just said that?”. I was at work and a young co-worker made this statement while trying to prove what colors looked best on her. She was actually trying to defend the ‘ ‘Good hair is not natural hair’ ‘  stereotype but that’s another conversation. But when that statement popped out, I was disappointed in myself for thinking that her ignorance might not spread to what looks good on different shades of people. She did propose a question that another co-worker (and I’m sure many other women as well) questioned; “Can a dark-skinned woman wear pink or red lipstick?”

The answer is YES. Yes, yes,yes, yes and yes she can. Red is a classic color that looks great on any woman. There are many shades of red; from a deep, almost maroon, to a bright, almost neon, red.  Choosing the right color for you is all that needs to be done.

Experiment with options

Experiment with options

 In addition, dark women are able to wear pinks as well. Experimenting with shades is the greatest way to find what color looks best on you. If you buy one, and it does not work, possibly give it away to a family member. Step out of your box and try something new.



Ignorance is definitely not bliss, especially when you can miss out and something gorgeous! Step out of that psychological prison of what colors on look good on certain shades of people and defy the norm. I guarantee it will give you an extra boost of confidence!!

What are your thoughts on certain colors that only look good on dark women? Have you ever heard something like that statement or ever been told only certain colors look good on you because you are not a particular shade? Have you ever told someone else this-how did you feel?

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