Too expensive for quality care?

When I first went natural, I didn’t want anyone touching my hair. I wanted to be a D.I.Y. girl and learn my hair. I can say that that is easier said than done. After multiple mistakes, failures and one or two setbacks I have learned a lot over the last two years and I am still learning my hair. One thing that was highly suggested to me when I first went natural was to go to a salon and let someone “do your hair”. Well, the salon was (and still is) excellent; the beauticians and owners specialized in healthy hair, natural hair, grow, length retention and even a little fun. But the downside was the pricing. Compared to myself doing hair for free and the prices when I had a relaxer, I was shocked. But she was highly recommended by family members and other women I saw with healthy natural hair grazing past their armpits.
Personally, one of the reasons I went natural was because I felt I was trapped with my relaxed hair. My beauticians only did the same thing all the time with my hair. I was tired and bored. Why pay all that money and I don’t even know how to take care of my hair myself? Since going natural, I refuse to feel that way again and that includes with a hair salon. Just because one is recommended and they have so and so and does not mean they are for you. I had to do my research. In my city, I found four other natural hair salons that possibly would fit me. And guess what? Each one of them had heard of the other and would recommend each other. To me, that was perfect! Other salons should know where to send clients if necessary and/or they should work together! That also represents unity in our community! It showed me that these salons have history and know which are the decent quality salons.
Through my research I found out that I always have options. Going to the salon does not mean I have to break my bank account to get quality hair care. My hair is worth the work and effort to keep it healthy but not feeling trapped by only having one place to go or one person to do my hair relieves a lot of stress. Has anyone else encountered this kind of problem in your area? comment below

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