Dove “Love Your Curls” Campaign Commercial

PhotoGrid_1426714148256PhotoGrid_1426714116303Dove: “Love Your Curls”
When I first saw this commercial in January 2015, I really thought it was beautiful. I personally really appreciate that Our curls just don’t apply to one race – it never had and never will. I really thought this was a great way to go if those who may feel uncomfortable or don’t have support around them or are just frustrated with their hair to see that they are not alone. Although this commercial may not cover every single race complexioned person it is generally talking about people-basically girls and women- with curly hair. I’ve seen a lot of comments about how their should have Bern women with thicker hair or darker skin, .subs so, but i personally see this commercial as more toward accepting yourself and what you have and they are talking about curly hair in general. I’m just glad to see something like this out on television at all. I was so surprised. It really made my day. I actually shed a tear. And I am so not a crier.It also shows how diverse this country is becoming and how views are and have to change (if companies want to sell products-but that’s a whole other topic in itself lol). Needless to say, I loved this commercial and its beautiful supportive message. Any thoughts ?

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