Slow Growth Trek…I don’t have time for this anymore

PhotoGrid_1426703690506When I started out with my natural hair, I saw all these women on YouTube with long luscious natural hair. It was healthy, shiny, some women even had color in their hair too! I was like “That’s going to be me!!” . But unknowingly, I didn’t know that my path was not their path. Those were pictures, some probably photoshopped too, of heads of hair that took years to grow and with different textures than mine. I learned all too soon that my hair was not going to grow super fast.

It has been almost 3 years since I big chopped and I am just now learning (actually still learning) about my hair. Through trial and error- too much trimming, unnecessary color and products that do absolutely nothing for my hair (and everything for someone else’s of course lol)- I have finally found ingredients and a simple regimen that I have started to use for my hair. I’m still testing it out just to see how my hair reacts to it later on and tweak it if needed.

My own personal downfall has been watching others hair grow and copy-catting instead of paying attention to my hair. Too much of “Hmmmm, moisturizing this way works. I’ll try that” is a big no-no now; at least for me. I did it all the time. Although to this day, even though I still see someone’s hair longer than mine in ONE year and I am flabbergasted I brush it off now because I know that they have a different head of hair than mine. How could I have possibly avoided wasting a years worth of length retention? I would say by 1)FINDING A HAIR TWIN-basically someone with hair like mine; but remember no one has hair exactly alike. Your hair will still do something different. Maybe not much, but it is likely. 2) I could have LAYED OFF HAIR STALKING length retention. What I mean by that is research about how to retain length but not go overboard with looking at pics everyday especially of people whose hair is not like yours.  3)Also STOPPED DUMPING products into my hair that weren’t working and 4) REALIZED WHEN SOMETHING DID NOT WORK FOR MY HAIR. I should have paid attention to my hair. At one point when my I went to get a Deva Cut, the stylist had to tell me that my  hair was OVER moisturized. I explained my hair regimen to her and she said that I was doing everything right, except for what I was putting in my hair. I should have known how my hair was being affected by the products I was putting in my hair.

I truly think that these factors played a part in me not retaining length and keeping a healthy head of natural hair for almost 3 years. Now, I am to the point of no return, where I am just doing protective styling buns. I don’t want to put my hair in braids or twists (you can check out those styles on my IG: @maridiggity1) and risk breakage, put my hair in other styles where I have to do a lot of manipulation or use a lot of items to keep my hair pinned up or decorated. So buns it is. Easy as pie. I’ll wash and deep condition each week, put it in a bun and go and touch it up throughout the week. I’ll see if my hair is retaining length in a few months. If that does not work… I don’t know…#lowmanipulation #Imleavingmyhairalone #takingabreak  #bunsgalore #2015protectivestyling

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