Buns: How-To Tutorials

Diversity in natural hair is one thing that makes me love my hair so much now that it is natural. Bunning my hair is my favorite style; it’s easy, pretty, the perfect go-to style when everything else fails and I always get compliments on my buns. There are many ways on how to style your bun with short, medium length or long hair and in order to aid you in your research a few suggestions never hurt if you are looking for different styles or how to create a new bun for your particular hair.
Through lots ( and I mean lots lol) of trial and error, I have found that by watching videos my hairstyle can come close to the styles I watch on YouTube, but for some reason lol my hair doesn’t want to be like that hairstyle in the video. My head of hair wants to be itself. That is the way your hair will be, but don’t be discouraged, it may come close but your hair is just as beautiful and most likely will come out with an even better style. Try developing your signature bun even if you start by imitating someone else’s version. Here are a few, and there are so many more, examples of videos of different bun styles that you can try on your own hair. The first is the Elegant Criss Cross if you are going for something formal. If you don’t have this much hair, you can add hair. I actually did crochet braids and mastered this style. Check out my IG for results. The second styles is a low bun. Sweet and simple. Ladies don’t be afraid to just use your own hair; I used to be so nervous at how others would look at me with a “tiny” bun – you don’t always need to add hair. The third style is a high top knot. Very cute and chic you can add hair to this if you like, but I like this bun because it really can show off some great texture instead of just being pulled back snuggly. And the fourth style, is the messy bun. Easily created with straight weave, large and voluminous. My hair is an example of how to create your own version of a bun- I mixed the top knot and messy bun together to create my style. I love it!IMG_20150331_092500PhotoGrid_1427827483240 Check these YouTube videos out and definitely subscribe to these ladies if you haven’t already!

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