Natural of the Week-Meet Michelle!

I’m back with a young lady I recently discovered while researching how to care for my fine hair. I present to you Michelle of Fine Natural Hair Faith and God blog! Her blog is amazing ladies and when I put that word to use…I mean it! She lays it down when giving out growth tips and explaining how products and routines specifically affect and work for fine hair! Because mine is fine AND is low in density I loved that she had lots of information on how to thicken strands all while taking care of fine hair and retaining length! OMG! It may just be me, but I have the hardest time retaining length and have been close to giving up at times on trying to keep what I have from breaking off. With her tips, recommendations and styling examples I’m learning new things I didn’t even know or think about that might affect fine low density hair! She is definitely a person to check out if you want more detailed info on healthy hair care for length retention on fine low density hair! Michelle can be found on Instagram as @fnhairnfaith, she has a YouTube account as Radiant Brown Beauty and Pinterest account. PhotoGrid_1427905091248

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