Team #fineLODE & Henna update


So I’m creating Team #fineLODE  as in fine Low Density hair. It’s just a fun hashtag that I want to use when I’m talking about tips and hair care that pertain basically to things that have to do with….you guessed it!- fine low-desinty hair! It’s not to separate or single out anyone in our natural hair community (because there are soooo many things that consistently try to divide us as a community right?) it is for everyone! So use it and enjoy lol!

As for the Henna update, I originally did a post in 2013 on Henna and its benefits, etc. Through experience I have learned much more about it and seen first hand how it affects my own fine, low-density hair. #fineLODE  I’ve mainly used one kind of Henna, the Jamila Henna, which I bought off of Amazon and I loved it. I especially loved the hair coloring benefits I got from it (as you can see below on my Curlformers set) and that they are permanent! I recently fell off my Henna treatments and now I have decided I want a more intense color and I can get even better benefits by adding to my Henna. I’ll be updating you all next month on what I added to gain more color and if it works and I’ll be using a different brand of Henna as well! Stay tuned for results! Later ladies!!



Reddish tint in my curlformers set...

Reddish tint in my curlformers set…

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