Color Bang Bang

So…you want some color huh? On your fine low density hair? Will it work? Will it damage your hair? Of course not! And yes it will work! Ladies with fine low density hair who want color UNITE! There are many factors that go into coloring hair and not to mention coloring fine low density hair. Our hair can be prone to more damage due to extremely fragile strands and if not done right, coloring can possibly result in another big chop. There are a few precautions that we should all take as naturals when coloring our hair. However, with fine low density hair we should basically “go hard or go home” and give that extra love that our hair needs.

Here are some things to consider and do:


  • examine your hair and see if you need a trim
  • go to a professional (certified) stylist to get a trim if need be
  • by now you should know how your hair reacts to protein-prepare your tried and true protein treatment (ex: Henna)
  • keep in mind that dark hair cannot be lightened without being lifted-for more info go to a stylist
  • hot oil treatment the day before
  • apply your protein treatment


  • get hair professionally colored OR
  • if you are a DIYer: prepare all ingredients beforehand to avoid overprocessing, wasting time or any mishaps
  • find color that is recommended, or for naturals (ex: Shea Moisture, Crème of Nature)
  • follow directions
  • wash hair thoroughly
  • deep condition with heat


  • spritz hair LIGHTLY with water each night – remember the best moisturizer is with water! (you can add whatever you want to your water
  • you can opt (depending on what style you have your hair in) to put in a leave-in conditioner each or every other night
  • in addition to your deep condition each week, try a hot oil treat as well
  • don’t manipulate your strands too much (ex: changing styles every 2 days)
  • take advantage of a protective style that shows off your color but at the same time helps you avoid HIHS
  • pay attention to your ends!!
  • you might need to allow for more protein treatments-this is where paying extra attention to your hair comes in- but don’t overdo them

Those are some of the basic things you can do for your hair. I personally have co-washed my hair and deep conditioned it a few days after coloring my hair (if I color it myself). Usually, my hair feels pretty dry after adding color to it so a little extra moisture never hurts and I don’t put any heat on my  hair. The week after is when I actually manipulate my hair more into protective styles. I know that when we first get that color….wooooooo chile! Everybody has to see it! However, with our hair, or at least with my hair, it’s better to be safe/healthy than sorry! If you ladies have any more tips for coloring your fine, low-density hair please add them! Thanks! team #FineLOde


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